BitConnect, Vista, Oremus, CryptoBitTrade,
+ Many Others - Most are gone or have changed their plans without any payouts.

I still monitor AGAM but there is not much news about AGAM. I get updates from our Team Leader Gary who is in touch with Mr. Diego.


I just received an update on the Diego Martin Blog that there would be an update by the end of the month. Stay tuned!
  Official group Diego Martin. Brief summary. 21/09/2018.
In his conversation with the family, Mr. Diego congratulated everyone "With the International Day of Peace". I wanted every good day to be filled with positive energy.
The conversation passed with the training elements. Mr. Diego noted that many high-level directors (example, level 10 director) did not work properly with the teams. And there are directors (level 6) who know more than high-ranking directors. Time has shown that the indicator of the level of directors is not only bonuses, but also the level of preparedness of the director. To be a strong leader means to be able to work with people, be trained and train your partners.
Official Diego Martin: "We need trained leaders; part of the director's job is to be a strong leader, to motivate the structure, to help partners achieve their goals.
A leader should be able to see the structure in order to help the partners more, educate the leaders of their followers, but we lose directors, because many of them think that money comes easily." They do not train their partners, they leave the team ,,, "
The company knows everything that is done in these structures. And they know those who went to other MLM projects that work, and who do not work with teams. Who was negative about the company.  Mr. Diego noted that there is a "research department" that controls the work of directors, so they know everything.
The level of training of directors and his work is revealed when the directors go through the polygraph and are trained. Many in the past could not pass a polygraph. Official Diego Martin: Everything I do for the directors. I like to explain and work with people, I like direct contact. I always try to help people. "
Mr. Diego is responsible for the marketing part of the company. Answering the questions, he again said that he was undoubtedly going to become the general director. Official Diego Martin: "I want to start with my team, but we have to wait." He does not know when the directors will be invited for training. It is ready to continue cooperation with all directors on the upcoming training, as soon as the company starts.
Mr. Diego confirmed that the company will start work and come back with renewed vigor, it's just a matter of time. Official Diego Martin: "I'm not disappointed, I know how they work, I know them all, so I know some things and I can share with you. I work a lot, so the company does not fall, it's not an easy task. " I said that money was defrosted. And they are safe. I cannot give more information, these are the rules of the company, the company works like this, and I need to apply the rules if I want to work with them. I communicate with people on social networks and groups, and if they all ask the same question a million times, you will have the same answer a million times. I do not know the exact date. But I know that they will return with more force than ever before. And soon all believers and unbelievers will see the true truth of the facts and find out the truth. Thank you all for a great weekend for everyone.

My Conclusion and Final Opinion!

To this date, there are many HYIP (passive investment programs) that become available online. Most DO NOT last 3 months, better ones last up to 6 to 9 months and very few several years or more. I have been many of these in the past and I did earn good income with some of them. Today I feel many these type of opportunities have much less chance for long term earning potential. To earn income you either Invest to RISK few thousand of dollars and hope that you will earn back your original investment or sponsor lot of members and earn referral commissions which would be the least risky way to start. I DO join these opportunities and invest very small amount of cash into these type of opportunities. I only join to test my DNP and T90KP promotions as some of these do provide excellent and responsive advertising. If I earn little cash with them, that will be great. If they disappear, at least I got some advertising. Currently I belong to these HYIP  type of opportunities. They all payout and doing very well. I earn little cash here on daily basis plus I get to advertise my business.

Advertise and Earn Crypto!

Since mid summer of 2017, as I stated in my past updates, I became interested in BitCoin and have been privately doing my own BitCoin TRADING. Now I got into QubeTrade (through NetQube) and have been quite successful so far. I use some theirs Singals.

My most succesful BitCoin Trades came from Carl who provides great updates, news and recommendation:
>>>  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc4Rz_T9Sb1w5rqqo9pL1Og

My private past or most recent trades:
>>> http://www.dnpcashfund.com/MyTrades.png

My favorite Market Charts and News:
>>> https://www.tradingview.com

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization:
>>> https://coinmarketcap.com

We had thousands of new members joined the DNP and T90KP who are NOT part of the DCF.
No one can join the DNPcashFUND at this time as it's not active.

FUTURE PLAN - (just a thought) ???
I might reactive the DNPcashFUND (if AGAM does not come back) and start new CryptoTrading Fund. Trades will be done by me personally as I am going back to Trading CryptoCurrencies and even Futures soon.

The DNPcashFUND Meetings!
Our Next Meeting is on:
To Be Announced - if any of our Investment Opportunities Come Back!

Meeting Instructions:

1. Link to join the online live meeting and presentaion:

Online Meeting ID: dailynettraffic

To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above
and follow the prompts to join the meeting.

2. Dial into the conference:
    Dial-in Number: (515) 604-9736 - United States
    Access Code: 282256
    International Dial-in Numbers:

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting,
dial into the conference line. When prompted,
enter the Access Code followed by the pound key.

The DNPcashFUND Plan or Goal!

With Re-Investing or Compounding our Daily Earinings in PANDEX, USI-TECH and DCF-FI,
our goal can be reached in about 26 weeks to start receiving shared weekly earnings.
Please note this achievment of course can be sooner or later.
I can not give exact answer as this depends on how many members will join us
and how much they will invest in each income investment source.

Once we reach our plan / goal, then we will decide how much to withdraw
and how much compound to keep growing our weekly earnings.


News on USI-TECH concerning NORTH AMERICA!

Check out > USI Tech Update - March 6, 2018 (below)

To all USI-TECH members:

USI-TECH and the cryptocurrency community have experienced momentous changes so far this year. In this light, USI-TECH has made an important decision regarding the sales of the TechCoin (TCI) Tokens to its members.

USI-TECH has played a significant role by introducing TechCoin to its members. This has to ultimately enabled TechCoin to reach its goal of raising sufficient resources to fund the project into reality which will greatly benefit all Token Holders. Despite the relative success of the token sale, given consideration to the current market and the current situation, USI-TECH has decided to put a halt on its internal arrangements with TechCoin and cease the sale of further tokens.

Unfortunately token sales did not reach the expected milestones for the 3rd and 4th bonus tokens to be issued. Accordingly the amount of tokens you have NOW, will equal the number of coins you will be issued when the system goes live. It is not possible to issue bonus tokens given sales did not meet the bonus targets.

USI-TECH has now provided TechCoin Management (as per its agreement) the details of all USI-TECH Token Holders as well as their Token balances. TechCoin Management will be contacting you shortly to provide you access to your TechCoin account and ecosystem.

The TechCoin Management team will deliver the rest of the project as promised with the initial stage of the ecosystem anticipated to go live during May 2018. This will provide Token Holders the ability to first hand explore the advantages of the project.

For more information and other updates on the TechCoin project and the rest of its ecosystem, please visit https://tech-coin.io.



Our suggested goal for USI-TECH

is to reach 250 BTC Active Packages.

BTC Package Run Time: 140 Business Days
Return on Capital: 140%  Approximate Daily Payout: 1%

When our goal is reached, we would examine how much these BTC Packages
are worth and earning at that time. The Daily Earnings in USI-TECH depend
on the Value of the BitCoin for that day (what is BTC worth).



Below is suggested example
if we reach $50,000 in PANDEX which is our goal.

$50,000 in Pandex would Earn approximate $1000+ Daily (2%),
which would be $5000+ Weekly.

When this income is reached or close to it, we can decide what to do.
Meaning how much to withdraw and how much to ReInvest!

Rightn Now PANDEX is on Hold, watch the message from the owner:


Currently the Income Sources
That Are Part of the DCF-FeederIncome
Are On HOLD While They Are Doing Changes!

All Income Earned would be shared by all "DNPcashFUND" members
and according to how many shares each member has
and when joined or invested ( # of days being active).

Remember We Are ALL Working Together Here
and We ALL Make Decisions Here!

Special Message From John Kielec:

When the DNPcashFUND has started on Sept. 1/17, everything was going great and our passive income sources had to issues with earnings and payouts.

In November of 2018 USI-TECH got restricted to be in USA and Canada. Few months later, they have some what resolved the issue and stated that the earnings or withdraws would be available. No such action yet.

Then in early December, AGAM announced that company is being sold to Asian Trading. New to be owner for AGAM has been performing the Due Diligence and to this date no real conclusions have been given. For those who have their own accounts, there is more news about it in the AGAM member's area:

Another company named Yota was big part of our passive income source who announced changes to implement their own coin which was YotaCoin. This coin was suppose to become available in March of 2018. None of that has happened, basically they have disappeared with millions of dollars. In Europe, there is a prosecution and charges are pending against the company. No latest news about them and legal actions.

Income opportunities involved in the DCF-FeederIncome are doing changes due to their large mining warehouses and were placed on hold. The changes involved with our 3 major FeederIncome sources had government temporarily shut down the large facilites who were Mining the BitCoin. Then Green-Peace has step in as well to protect the environment against the dangerous toxins that these mining warehouses produced. Changes had to be made.

In 2018, several governments have step in and started to do everything possible to have such companies who were part of the BitCoin or other crypto currencies seize their operations. This is the battle of 2018.

In my opinion, to a certain point they have won as the crypto world crumbled heavily and many regulations were established and put in action which such companies have to follow.


In my personal opinion, the Passive Industry which involves the crypto currencies or high yield investment programs (HYIP) are VERY RISKY these days. It became very hard to get into profit or earn any sizeable amount of cash. HYIP were always risky but the latest regulations have many of them relocate and to start operations in the countries without restrictions. Such companies I would not even think to join as they are simply take our money and after a month, few months or within 6 months, gone and nothing can be done.

I hope that AGAM, USI-TECH and PANDEX will come back and hopefully we can get some cash out of them. The 3 mentioned companies above (which have active sites), we have approximate $60,000 in income. All we can do at this time just wait and see what happens. I and few other members are tracking any news that might become available to us.

As most DNPcashFUND members in the past few meetings said; if any of these companies start paying out, we take the money and we run.

I have totally quit joining any such companies that are involved with crypto currency offers or any revenue share type of programs that payout certain %. To me, they are no longer profitable. Most of them, especially these days turn out to be total scams.


There is only ONE merged company that I will be part of until I no longer can perform. This is the company that I have created and own. It will be here for a very long time. It is the one that offers what all Networkers Want and Need. It offers what millions of people search online, to earn reliable extra cash or start their own profitable home based business with a high in demand item that is the #1 seller online.

That ONE merged company is the RevenueFromAdvertising (RFA) which is linked with DailyNetPay (DNP). Most of the DNPcashFUND members have joined and are earning and will be earning cash here for life.

--- http://bit.ly/dnp4adpaks

At this time I would like to thank all members who became part of the DNPcashFUND. I wish the outcome of this opportunity would have been in a profitable situation. It is not the end yet, all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

I remain,

John Kielec

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